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Omni shipping containers are damage resistant and reusable many times. Interchangeable custom foam inserts make Omni cases flexible and safe multi purpose container systems.r>

Custom Cases for Transporting and Shipping Seismic Equipment and Fragile Parts
Large, reusable shipping casesSeismic instruments, sensitive digital testing devices, and other fragile equipment types are a "Perfect Fit TM for Omni's BIG TRANSPORT CASES. Carry, transport, ship, and store your payload of sensitive electronics and test equipment securely in these moisture and shock resistant containers.

Mega Case Features
  • Heavy duty, closed cell PE foam CNC is custom fitted to protect devices and parts in transit.
  • There is only one way to pack/repack the parts.
  • Foam foundations are available in several densities.
  • Case lids can be bolted in place to enhance security.
  • These large containers are available in a variety of sizes.
  • Computer technology assists in Perfect Fit™ machined cavities in the foam inserts.
  • Reusable cases drastically reduce transport costs over time.

Specialized Cases for Oil and Gas Exploration

Omni's customers in the Oil and Gas industries have unique needs for serious cases. Many of the devices and equipment items OmniCase protects cost into the tens of thousand dollars, and are shipped around the world, trucked over rough terrain or carried out to offshore platforms. Trust OmniCase to keep your gear safe, dry and damage free!

The photographs below show examples of cases with Omni's super-safe, perfect-fit foam inserts. Possibilites are endless. Call for more information or to make a design appointment.

Click on photographs for enlarged views

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Large, reusable shipping cases
Cases left and right - Possible dimensions in inches
L" W" H"
32 30 34
48 45 25
48 40 34
48 40 39
Call for additional sizes . . . Click on photos to enlarge
Large, reusable shipping cases
Click on photos to enlarge   Click on photos to enlarge
Large, reusable shipping cases The photos left and right show examples of foam case inserts designed by Omni. Notice the snug fitting of the instruments and meticulous craftsmanship. The custom machined foam case interior hold the devices firmly and securely in place during transport, no matter how rough the ride.

Call OmniCase today learn more about getting your "Perfect Fit TM" case project in the queue!
Large, reusable shipping cases

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